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Tuition Fees:$4,296 /year
Applications Begin:March 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)
Start Date:February 2022
Academic Unit:School of Social Science
Campus:IIE MSA campus
Application Deadline:
Programme Overview

Why study Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)?
An Honours degree in Social Sciences with a focus on either child and youth development, communication and media studies, criminology, victimology and criminal justice, geography and environmental science, international studies or psychology will prepare you as a future public leader, professional or manager, with relevant and highly valued specialised knowledge of society’s institutions, cultures and values.

This Bachelor of Social Science Honours programme, comprising a fourth year of coursework and research after the completion of a relevant undergraduate degree, means you study independently on a research topic, working with a carefully selected supervisor providing one-on-one guidance and academic counselling tailored to suit your needs.

The outcomes for this Social Science Honours qualification were identified as critical to drive a student’s success. Students who have successfully completed the programme will be able to:
– Construct a topical argument pertaining to a concept relevant to the field of study and display the ability to logically analyse and synthesise knowledge.
– Critically debate the current understanding of theoretical concepts/frameworks, potentially leading to a new and greater understanding of said concepts/frameworks, theory and practice.
– Develop and communicate a new understanding of the world as a set of related problem focused systems by exercising critical thinking and judgment.
– Work and communicate with others as a member of a multi-disciplinary team when studying theoretical perspectives of the field of specialisation.
– Design and conduct an independent research project in the specialised area of study, demonstrating a broad understanding of a body of knowledge with evidence of advanced understanding in some areas.
– Develop and communicate to various audiences a clear and coherent case pertaining to a topic in the field of specialisation.
– Contribute to knowledge in the specialised area by gathering, consolidating, interpreting and reviewing relevant data and revealing relationships between various concepts.
– Independently apply theoretical knowledge of the specialised area to complex problems and suggest possible solutions.

What is this Degree’s accreditation status?
The IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours (BSocSci(Hons))is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on level 8(SAQA ID: 90937).

Who is the Bachelor’s degree aimed at?
The aim of the course is to advance students’ knowledge and competencies in the main areas oftheir chosen field of specialisation. The curriculum covers a wide scope of scholastic activities andintegrates theoretical knowledge, research competencies and applied skills relevant to thespecialisation field. By exposing learners to the latest trends in the theory, research and practice in these domains, the programme enhances their abilities to conceptualise and analyse critically various aspects of the specialisation field in a multicultural context. An integral part of the programme is the completion of a research project which will equip students with the necessary skills to conduct research and to present and disseminate findings.

How is this Honoursdegree structured at The IIE MSA?
The IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree(BSocSci(Hons))is a one-year degree. The academic year runs from February to November. The modules are delivered on a full-time basis with lectures and tutorials being scheduled during the day from Monday to Friday. Please note that in line with academic practice, The IIE’s curriculum is reviewed annually thus changes may occur in module structure and sequence in order to ensure that the qualification remains relevant. The exit level outcomes of the programme do not change. Registered students receive an updated programme curriculum on an annual basis.

Study areas for Bachelor of Social Science Honours include the following:
– Child and youth development
– Communication
– Criminology and criminal justice
– Geography and environmental science
– International studies
– Psychology
– Sociology
– Journalism studies

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements
– A relevant NQF 7 with an average of 60% or more in the third-year modules in the subject in which the student wants to specialise.
– Students who do not meet the admission requirements may be eligible for admission via alternate means such as RPL. Please enquire at the campus for assistance.

International Students
– A SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NQF L7 equivalence in an appropriate field.
– Students who do not meet the admission requirements may be eligible for admission via alternate means such as RPL. Please enquire at the campus for assistance.

Application Process
Application Fees for South African Students: $24
Application Fees for International Students: $24

To Apply for a place at the IIE MSA, follow the steps below:
STEP ONE: Select your programme, confirm that you meet the Local or International academic requirements and the English language requirements for the programme you’d like to study.
STEP TWO: You are required to upload a copy of your SA ID document or International Passport in order for your Application to be processed.
STEP THREE: Arrange for payment of your non-refundable R 400.00 application fee which you will be required to pay before your application is processed.
STEP FOUR: The final stage is to Apply Online

Career Opportunities

Sophisticated communication, analytical thinking and flexibility are the qualities you can expect to graduate with after completing the Bachelor of Social Science honours degree offered at IIE MSA. With skills like these you will be equipped to move into expert roles in areas like:
– Journalism, publishing and writing
– Public relations, corporate communication, marketing and advertising
– Police, courts and corrections
– Child and youth development
– Management and administrative positions
– Public or civil service, diplomacy, foreign affairs, urban and environmental planning, public policy analysis
– Social and community services, counselling, social welfare and social research
– Teaching (with an additional teaching qualification) and education administration.

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Tuition Fees for South African Students: $4,296
Tuition Fees for International Students: $4,679

Tuition fees per year for South African Students = R99,900
Tuition fees per year for International Students = R106,400
*International students registering for the first time at IIE MSA will be subject to an International Student Levy of R6,500 payable upon registration.
*Students are advised to pay their deposit on/before registration and the balance by the published payment due date. Alternative a payment arrangement can be applied for before the 28 February 2021.
*For more information on fees, Contact the Student Fee Officer (Email: OR Tel: +27 011 950 4461 /4494)

Relevant Contact

Fay Hodza
Head of the School of Social Sciences
Admission Office
Responsible for Admission Enquiries
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