WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$1,133 /year
Applications Begin:January 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Physics Education
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Science Education
Campus:Winneba Campus
Application Deadline: July 2021
Programme Overview

Programme description
The Physics Education programme aims at:
•   Training of quality physics teachers to teach at senior high school level
•   developing in students practical skills to handle physics practical activities with confidence

Specific Objectives
The Physics Education programme objectives are to:
•      provide opportunities for students to engage in academic and educational research that     will help to promote physics education in Ghana and elsewhere.
•      help students to organise their creative knowledge, practical skills and research abilities to design teaching and learning materials for use in teaching.
•      provide opportunities for the practice of hands-on activities that demand students’ use      of innovation to tackle practical problems.
•      provide an enabling environment for students to undertake practical activities that will      enhance their understanding of concepts in science, especially in physics.
•      help students to appreciate the beauty of physics in explaining nature.

Target group
•      SHS (Senior High School) certificate holders
•      HND holders in subjects relevant to the programme
•      Diploma holders

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements:
Senior High School Certificate Holders
The applicant must have:

WASSCE Candidates
The applicant must have:
i.     credit passes (A1-C6) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science, plus
ii.   Credit passes (A1-C6) in Physics and any two of the following: Chemistry, Biology and Elective Mathematics).

SSSCE Candidates
The applicant must have:
i) Credit passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science, plus
ii. Credit passes (A-D) in Physics and any two of the following: Chemistry, Biology and Elective Mathematics).

Mature Candidates
The applicant must:
i.   be at least 25 years of age by 1st August in the academic year one wants to enrol.
ii.  hold Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ or a SHS Certificate
iii. pass the University’s Entrance Examination for the year in question.

Holders of relevant Diploma
The applicant must:
– Possess a Higher National Diploma or its equivalent in a relevant subject from a recognized institution.

NOTE: Successful candidates will be placed at level 200 of the 4-Year Degree Programme.

School Certificate/GCE Holders
The applicant must:
i.   possess five (5) credits at GCE ‘O’ Level including English Language, Mathematics and pure science subjects, plus
ii.  an ‘A’ Level pass lower D in Physics plus two (2) others in Biology, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics.

NOTE: Applicants with ‘A’ Level or ‘O’ Level results more than five (5) years old should apply as mature applicants

Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian Students: $44
Application Fees for International Students: $100

Applicants Should Follow the Guidelines below:
In all cases, the following documents should be attached to the completed online application forms:
– Copies of certificates
– Copies of Transcripts of academic record
– One recent passport-size photograph
– Three referees’ reports. (To be submitted directly by referees to) The Dean, School of Graduate Studies = UEWP.O. BOx 25WINNEBA

Applicants should note that:
-No application will be processed unless all requirements are fully met
– Any change of address must be communicated at once to the Dean, School of Graduate Studies
– A change of programme after submission of application forms will NOT be allowed
– ALL certificates and results slips other than those from the West African Examinations Council, the Universities in Ghana and Institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board, should be cleared with the Accreditation Board and the evaluation report attached to the certificate(s)
– All applications must be submitted online at

Career Opportunities

Job Prospects:
i.Teaching positions in the senior high schools and junior high schools in Ghana.
ii. Placements in the District/Municipal/Regional Directorates of the Ghana Education Service.
iii. Placements in the Regional and National Offices of the Ghana Education Service

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian Students: $1,133
Tuition Fees for International Students: $3,313

Tuition Fees per year for Ghanaian Students = 6,508GHS

The Tuition Fees for International Students, is divided into FOUR main categories:
Tuition Fees per year for West African Countries = 16,865GHS (West African Countries include; Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo)
Tuition Fees per year for Other African Countries = 19,023GHS
Tuition Fees per year for Carribean countries = 21,181GHS
Tuition Fees per year for All Other Foreign Countries = 23,345GHS

NOTE: Included in the fees of Final Year Students are;
– Congregation fee of GHS350.00
– Alumni dues GHS10.00

Relevant Contact

Prof. Frederick K. Sarfo
Principal, College of Technology Education
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries