WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$2,987 /year
Applications Begin:March 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Start Date:February 2022
Academic Unit:College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science
Campus:Durban; Pietermaritzburg
Application Deadline: 30 September 2021
Programme Overview

Mechanical Engineering is a broad-based engineering discipline that encompasses topics such as Mechatronics, Machine Design, Material Engineering and Metallurgy, Renewable Energy, Fluid Dynamics and Aerospace.

Mechanical Engineers need to acquire certain skills which allow them to understand the loading conditions any part or subsystem will encounter in its life and design a system for functionality while considering aesthetics, manufacturability and lifespan.

One of the most exclusive domains of Mechanical Engineers is the ability to analyse and design systems in motion.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal Mechanical Engineering department offers a four-year degree, which attends to all these engineering requirements, starting at an introductory level and advancing to a level where the students are well prepared to take on any task of a Mechanical Engineer.


Year 1

CHEM181 Chemistry for Engineers 1A or

CHEM163 Chemistry & Society 1

CHEM191 Chemistry for Engineers 1B

or CHEM173 Chemistry & Society 2

ENCH1TC Tech. Comm. for Engineers

ENME1EM Intro. to Engineering Materials

or ENAG1MT Intro. to Engineering Materials

ENME1DR Engineering Drawing

ENME1ED Mechanical Engineering Design

or ENAG1DE Engineering Design

MATH131 Mathematics 1A (Eng)

MATH141 Mathematics 1B (Eng)

MATH132 Applied Mathematics 1A (Eng)

MATH142 Applied Mathematics 1B (Eng)

PHYS151 Engineering Physics 1A or

PHYS110 Mech., Optics & Thermal Phys

PHYS152 Engineering Physics 1B or

PHYS120 Electromag, Waves & Mod. Phys

Year 2
ENEL2EL Electrical Engineering (16)

ENEL2EC Electronic Engineering (8)

ENME2CF Computer Fundamentals (8)

ENEL2EN Environmental Engineering (8)

ENME2DY Dynamics (8)

ENME2DM Design Methods (16)

ENME2FM Fluid Mechanics 1 (8)

ENME2MM Measurements & Exptl Methods (8)

ENME2PM Funds of Physical Metallurgy (8) ENME2SM Strength of Materials 1 (16)

ENME2TH Thermodynamics 1 (8)

MATH248 Mathematics 2B (Eng) (16)

MATH238 Mathematics 2A (Eng) (16)

ENME2WS Workshop Course (DP)

Year 3

ENCH4ML Eng. Mgmt & Labour Relations (8) ENEL3CS Control Systems 1 (8)

ENEL3MA Electrical Machines 1 (8)

ENME3FM Fluid Mechanics 2 (16)

ENEL3SS Systems and Simulation (8)

ENME3HM Heat & Mass Transfer 1 (16)

ENME3DM Design of Machine Elements (16) ENME3MT ManufacturingTechnology (8)

ENME3ST Strength of Materials 2 (16)

ENME3SM Selection of Engineering Materials (8)

MATH354 Mathematics 3 (Eng) (8)

ENME3TH Thermodynamics 2 (8)

STAT370 Engineering Statistics (8)

ENME3TM Theory of Machines (8)

Year 4
ENME4AM Advanced Manufacturing Systems (8) ENEL4EE Engineering Entrepreneurship (8)

ENME4CM Eng. Computational Methods (8) ENME4DP Design and Research Project 2 (24)

ENME4FP Design of Fluid Power Systems (8) ENME4MT Mechatronic Engineering (8)

ENME4PD Design and Research Project 1 (16) ENME4MV Mechanical Vibrations (8)

ENME4TD Thermodynamics 3 (8)

ENME4VW Vacation Work (DP)

ZULN101 Basic isiZulu Language Studies A or Elective (16)

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
In order to apply for a BSc in Engineering at UKZN, prospective students must have:
– A National Senior Certificate with a Degree Endorsement
– A minimum of 33 points (excluding Life Orientation)
– A minimum of 70% for Mathematics & Physical Sciences (Mathematical Literacy is not accepted as a replacement or substitute for Mathematics)
– A minimum of 50% for English and Life Orientation
Owing to high application numbers only first choice applicants are considered.
In addition, the School offers the Engineering Access Programme, which provides an alternative access route to an Engineering qualification at UKZN.

Application Process
Application Fees for South African & SADC Students: $28
Application Fees for International Students: $128

How to apply
– List your programme choices on page one of the application form.  Please write the name of the programme in full
– Provide your existing student number on page one of the application form if you have been registered before.
– Indicate if you which to apply for financial assistance.
– Indicate if you would like to be considered for accommodation in one of the UKZN residences.
– Enclose application fee or attach proof of payment.
– Return your completed application form with all the required documents and proof of payment of an application fee to the address on the front cover to reach us before or on the closing date.
– New applicants will be provided with a UKZN student number.
– Your student number must be quoted in all correspondence/enquiries to the UKZN.
– The UKZN will advise you of the outcome of your application in writing or by SMS.

Career Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering degrees can offer careers in many engineering fields, such as
– process and control engineering,
– automotive and aerospace design,
– energy conversion,
– automation and manufacturing to name a few.
It also emphasises an ability for creative thinking, allowing engineers to move into fields such as finance, law and medicine

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Tuition Fees for South African & SADC Students: $2,987
Tuition Fees for International Students: $12,747

South African students pay R49538 per year as tuition fees.
Students from SADC countries pay local tuition fees plus a levy of R3400 (R1800 per semester)

Application fee:
– All students from SADC and other African countries pay: R470
– All students from outside of Africa: U$146
Students from within Africa but outside SADC and from the rest of the world are required to pay US$ 14 535.00 per annum; i.e. U$ 6 895.00 per semester (first or second) inclusive of the international levy, where registration is required for one semester only to complete a qualification.

Relevant Contact

Michael Brooks
Academic Leader
Venishree Pillay
Undergraduate Administrator