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Tuition Fees:$1,190 /year
Applications Begin:May 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Campus:Western Campus
Application Deadline: September 2021
Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering of Kampala International University is a four-year intensive academic programme combining both theoretical and practical methods. Content is delivered to students through lectures, tutorials, projects, documentaries, individual and group presentations.

The objective of the Mechanical Engineering Program offered by the Department of Mechanical engineering at the school of engineering and applied sciences, Kampala international university is to prepare graduates to enter and be successful in the Mechanical engineering profession.

Graduates are expected to become licensed professional engineers and to reach responsible positions in a wide range of professional settings including consulting firms, industry or government. As well, this program will prepare students to begin and complete graduate studies in engineering and post-baccalaureate education in a professional degree program.

Mission and Vision
To respond to societal needs by designing and delivering an education guided by the principles and values of respect for society, economy, and environment and to provide and develop a supportive research environment in which scholars, at every stage of their career, can flourish.

Philosophy of the programme
We regard every student as having the ability to attain excellence through the acquisition of knowledge and moral values so as to become productive graduates capable of participating and developing knowledge to better understand the 21st-century skills in science, technology, engineering and innovation, for the development of self, society and nation.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) program shall be done following Kampala International University procedures and regulations in line with the minimum requirements by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). In addition, a person qualifies for admission provided he/she satisfies minimum requirements of:
– At least two (2) Principal Passes in Physics and Mathematics obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate Examinations (UACE) or its equivalent.
– At least a credit or second class lower or a Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or any other qualification in the field of electrical engineering from a recognized Institution.
– At least a credit or second class lower of an Ordinary Diploma (or a Diploma) in Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or Science Technology (Physics) from a recognized Institution.
– A degree in science disciplines that includes physics from a recognized institution.
– At least a credit or second class lower in other Diplomas or Certificates approved by National Council For Higher Education to be equivalent to any of those stated in parts (a) to (d) above.

Application Process
Application Fees for Ugandan Students: $14
Application Fees for International Students: $14

Kampala International University admits 3 times in a year; in December/January, March/April and August/September.

Step 1: Pick-up an application form from the Admissions office at any of our Campuses below:
– Admission office at Main Campus in Kansanga, Kampala.
– Western Campus in Bushenyi
– For international applicants in Kenya and Tanzania, visit our offices in Nairobi and Tanzania.
– For other countries, visit the KIU Liaison Offices.
– Alternatively, download an application form from KIU website: Download It Here which can be filled and sent to

NOTE: Click on the link to complete the online application:  (a scanned copy of the admission letter will be sent to your email, and once the application has been approved, the original copy will be collected from our Main campus in Kansanga (Admissions Office-Online Desk)

The application fee is 50,000Ug.shs for both Ugandans and International students (non-Ugandans). For online applicants, the application fee is paid to the Finance Office when you report collecting the original admission.

Step 2: Complete the application forms clearly and enclose or attach the following:
– 3 photocopies of each ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Secondary school result slips or equivalent [Diploma and Bachelor Degree] and three certified copies of transcripts of Bachelor and Master Degrees [postgraduate degrees].
– A photocopy of a receipt for payment for the application form.
– 3 recent passport size photographs.
– Photocopies of Birth Certificate/ National ID/ Passport

Step 3: Submit a fully completed form with the required attachments to the following addresses:
– By physical submission – kindly return form and attachments to the Admission office.
– By email – kindly send it to
– By post – kindly send to:
The Director of Admissions, Kampala International University
P.O.Box 20000
Tel: +256-041-266813, +256-392001816, +256-041-267634
Fax: +256-041-501974

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for this programme include:
– Aerospace engineer
– Automotive engineer
– CAD technician
– Contracting civil engineer
– Control and instrumentation engineer
– Maintenance engineer
– Mechanical engineer
– Nuclear engineer

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Tuition Fees for Ugandan Students: $1,190
Tuition Fees for International Students: $2,473

Tuition Fees for Ugandan Students = 4,385,997 UGX
Tuition Fees for International Students = 9,118,210 UGX
**The Kampala International University reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.

Relevant Contact

School Office
Responsible for General Enquiries
Stella Ninyikiriza
Director Of Admissions