WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$517 /year
Applications Begin:July 2021
Student Intake:200
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Start Date:October 2021
Academic Unit:College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: August 2021
Programme Overview

The programme has an aim of preparing qualified mathematicians who can serve different sectors in the country and worldwide which include, but not limited to, financial institutions; statistical bureaus; research institutions; industries; etc. With that in mind, almost all courses are designed toward tuning students to gain analytical skills which are the main ingredient in all jobs which require mathematicians.


Programme Structure
Year One
Semester I
MT 110 Introduction to ICT Core 10
MT 111 Mathematical Analysis I Core 10
MT 112 Linear Algebra and Applications Core 10
MT 113 Coordinate Geometry Core 7.5
ST 111 Basic Statistics Core 10
DS 106 Development Perspectives Core 7.5
LG 106 Communications Skills Core 7.5

Semester II
MT 120 Introduction to Programming Languages Core 10
MT 121 Mathematical Analysis II Core 10
MT 122 Ordinary Differential Equations Core 7.5
MT 123 Operations Research MI Core 10
MT 124 Introduction to Number Theory Core 10
MT 125 Dynamics Core 7.5
ST 121 Probability Theory Core 10

Year Two
Semester I
MT 211 Partial Differential Equations Core 10
MT 212 Numerical Analysis I Core 7.5
MT 213 Numerical Technique Lab I Core 7.5
MT 214 Rigid Body Mechanics Core 10
MT 21 Mathematical Logic Core 7.5
ST 213 Statistical Inference Core 10
1 Elective Core 7.5

Semester II
MT 221 Complex Analysis Core 10
MT 222 Numerical Analysis II Core 10
MT 223 Numerical Technique Lab II Core 5
MT 224 Graph Theory and Network Optimization Core 10
MT 225 Data Structures and Algorithms Core 10
ST 221* Research Methods and Practices Core 10
1 elective 7.5
*The course involves both theory and practice. Students are required to collect data, do
analysis and produce a report. Data collection will be done during long vacation.
MT 216 Intermediate Linear Algebra Elective 7.5
MT 217 Operations Research M II Elective 10
MT 227 Introduction to Axiomatic Geometry Elective 7.5

Year Three
Semester I
MT 311 Abstract Algebra Core 10
MT 312 Introduction to Real Analysis Core 10
MT 313 Hydrodynamics Core 10
MT 314 Differential Geometry Core 10
MT 315 Integral Transforms Core 10
1 elective 10

Semester II
MT 320 Mathematics Project Core 10
MT 321 Basic Functional Analysis Core 10
MT 322 Topology Core 10
MT 323 Tensor Analysis Core 10
MT 324 Stochastic Processes and Models Core 10
EM 306 Entrepreneurship Core 10
1 elective 7.5

MT 316 Introduction to Simulation Elective 7.5
MT 317 Introduction to Mathematical Finance Elective 7.5
MT 325 Methods of Mathematical Physics Elective 7.5
MT 326 Continuum Mechanics Elective 7.5

Admission Requirements

Direct Entry;
Two principal passes one of which must be Advanced Mathematics.

Equivalent Entry;
Diploma for which Mathematics is a Major Subject. e. g. Diploma in Education, FTC, Diploma in Engineering with an average of “B” or GPA of 3.0 and four passes at O‟ level

Application Process
Application Fees for Tanzanian and SADC Students: $4
Application Fees for International Students: $4

How to Apply
Applicants are required to lodge applications directly to the University of Dodoma through the UDOM Online Admission System (OAS) at
**An Application fee of 10,000 TZS, is expected to be paid by all Applicants
NOTE: The Application Deadline is in August.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for this programme include:
– Acoustic consultant
– Actuarial analyst
– Actuary
– Astronomer
– Chartered accountant
– Chartered certified accountant
– Data analyst
– Data scientist
– Investment analyst
– Research scientist (maths)
– Secondary school teacher
– Software engineer
– Sound engineer
– Statistician

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Tuition Fees for Tanzanian and SADC Students: $517
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,491

Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students = 1,200,000 TZS
Tuition Fees for International Students = 3,457,200 TZS
Students from countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), also pay the same fee as local Students. The 16 Countries in the SADC region include: Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eswatini, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

– All students are required to pay full tuition fees for the year. Payment by installments will only be permitted under special arrangements. It is the responsibility of the students to arrange for the payment of fees by the sponsor or the Higher Education Students‟ Loans Board (HESLB). No student will be allowed to use University facilities before payment of the required fees.
– Students who fail to pay will be expelled from the university.

Relevant Contact

Dr Jason Maombi Mkenyeleye
Head of Department (Mathematics)
Directorate of Undergraduate Studies
Responsible for undergraduate studies
Prof. Said A. H. Vuai
Principal, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences