WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$5,186 /year
Part-time Study:18 Months
Applications Begin:April 2021
Final Award:Postgraduate Diploma in Management
Start Date:February 2022
Academic Unit:Faculty of Commerce
Campus:Breakwater Campus
Application Deadline: 30 November 2021
Programme Overview

The UCT GSB Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Management Practice will accelerate your personal growth and give you the crucial business skills needed to thrive in complex environments. It builds business and industry competence and shows you how to achieve sustainability and profitability without compromising on values.

On completion of the programme you will showcase your new skills in a final Action Learning Project that is performed off campus back in your workplace.

Modules are held at the GSB campus in Cape Town – South Africa’s most beautiful city. You will be studying at a globally-accredited business school with a world-class reputation


The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice is practical in its emphasis. This course was specially designed to challenge students to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to situations in companies and organisations, this means that inter-modular work is as important as what happens in the classroom during each of the 4 modules.

Each module offers an intensive mix of lectures, group work and individual time to integrate learning, and students will need to give 100% of their time and attention to the work at hand while they are on campus. Between modules, they will need to allow sufficient time in their schedule to work on assignments and prepare for the next module.

Work throughout the course is assessed by both individual and group assignments. An individual assignment must be completed by the day before the first contact day of each module, while a group integrated case study must be submitted on the last day of each module. There are also in-class tests on some subjects.

Lastly, students must work on an action learning research project that integrates and consolidates what they learn throughout the programme.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Due to the intensity of the programme applicants need to demonstrate a high level of personal motivation, stamina and initiative. In addition applicants must show a willingness to work in a group situation and an ability to tolerate and manage pressure and conflict and are assessed with this in mind.

Successful applicants need to:
– Be 25 years or older
– Be fluent in English
– Have a minimum of 3 years’ relevant work experience
– Hold a graduate-level qualification or NQF level 7 equivalent
– Attend an interview if required.

Applicants without a degree may be considered through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route. PGDip candidates applying via the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route are required to write the AQL section of the National Benchmark Test (NBT). In certain cases, the GSB Admissions Board reserves the right to waive the NBT requirement.

Application Process
Application Fees for South African & SADC Students: $99
Application Fees for International Students: $251

How to apply

** Updated CV
** Three motivational essays. The topics include:
– What is your motivation for applying for the programme which you have chosen at this stage of your career and how will this programme help you in achieving your vision and goals for your future?
– The UCT GSB experience is a demanding one, how do you plan on managing the pressure of the programme; specifically what support will you have from work and family to successfully complete the programme?
– Assessment on the PGDip is primarily done through Action Learning Assignments that requires students to integrate and apply their learning from each course directly in their organisations/workplace. What are the challenges that you foresee with the application of your learning in your workplace and how do you plan to overcome these?

**Two evaluators forms.
Approach two individuals who know you in a professional context, and who are not family members, to complete the confidential evaluator’s forms.
**If you have not completed a degree, or NQF level 7 equivalent, you can apply through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route and submit the Portfolio of Learning (POL) assessment form.
**Applicants whose mother tongue is not English will be required to produce a TOEFL certificate to verify fluency in English.

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities are;
– Administrative Services Managers.
– Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers.
– Architectural and Engineering Managers.
– Compensation and Benefits Managers.
– Computer and Information Systems Managers.
– Engineering Managers.
– Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers.
– Financial Managers.

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Tuition Fees for South African & SADC Students: $5,186
Tuition Fees for International Students: $7,520

South African/African citizens and permanent resident – R 86000 (total fees)
Non-African residents and International students – R 124700 (total fees)
South African/African citizens and permanent residents pay an Acceptance Deposit of R10000
Non-African residents and International students pay an Acceptance Deposit of R20000

Relevant Contact

Dr Elanca Shelley
Programme Convener
Segran Nair
Administrative postgraduate convener