WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$1,864 /year
Applications Begin:January 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems
Start Date:January 2022
Academic Unit:School of Business and Economics
Campus:Nairobi Campus
Application Deadline: November 2021
Programme Overview

The current business environment requires professional that are able to handle information for proper use and dissemination to the users. The MIS major is a broad-based programme designed to prepare professionals who are able to handle information ethically and disseminate it properly.

Requirements for Graduation:
To graduate a student must complete a total of 132 hours: 30 hours of general courses, 35 hours of Applied Computer Science, 39 hours of core commerce courses, 28 hours of MIS of courses and 9 hours of electives.

As years go by, the world is becoming more and more an electronic global village. This poses many challenges like privacy, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information held in individual/ organizational database. This calls for both individual and organizations to keep abreast with the current information technology for effective protection and efficient production by optimizing the technology. There is a dire need of people who are well literate in the usage of computers to assist in the production of data and information that will go along way in helping managers to make good decisions. Therefore, this program will seek to address this shortage/gap.

Specifically, the goals of the major are to:
– Prepare students to be servant leaders in a business environment or other organization to develop and implement information systems for business management and
– Create an in depth understanding of performing a needs analysis and the design development, and implementation of information systems in their in a business environment including data base management.
– prepare the student to have a broad general understanding of the latest computer technology as it is applied to information systems within the organization, including networking and programming.
– Provide the student with a solid base in business administration, management, strategic planning, forecasting, and policy formulation.
– Develop in the student a foundational understanding of business administration process such as accounting , human resource management, marketing , inventory control, capacity planning and material requirement planning and how these can be integrated into an information system.
– Challenge the student to practice being a responsible citizen who will apply Christian principles of morality, integrity, honesty and ethics in his or her profession as an expression of his or her Christian commitment.
– Prepare the student to enter an advanced degree program in information systems or other post graduate program. To prepare and equip the student to practice his vocation as a Christian business person in church, par church organizations, government and private business.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Bachelor of Commerce must fulfil entry requirements that apply to all Daystar undergraduate students, i.e. (a minimum of C+ in KCSE, or 5 credits in IGCSE; or 2 principal pass in A level; or division 2 in GCE or 50% from other countries). In addition they must have obtained at least a Grade of C (plain) in Mathematics.

Application Process
Application Fees for Kenyan Students: $18
Application Fees for International Students: $18

Daystar admission forms are collected from either Athi-River campus or the Nairobi campus. On completion, the form is handed back to the registrar office with a fee of KSh. 2,000 which is not refundable. Deadlines for the application are; 30th November, 30th April and 31st July for January, May and August intakes respectively. Other required documents are:
– Two recent passport size photos for Kenyan student and four for international students all having names at the back
– Secondary, post-secondary, university or college certificates.
– Financial Information Sheet (Foreign students need to include a financial letter from sponsor guaranteeing payment)
– Completed student information sheet and copy of your passport (For foreign students only).

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Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students: $1,864
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,918

*Tuition fees per year for Kenyan Students = 205,120KES
*Tuition fees per year for Foreign Students= 211,120KES

International Students pay an additional 6000KES (Day students), 8000KES (Boarding Students) to the normal tuition fees.

All fees for each semester are payable in advance or before the date of registration by bankers cheque or direct bank deposit. The University does not accept cash payments or money orders. In order to assist sponsors who cannot raise full fees, the University allows payment of tuition and hostel fees in four equal monthly instalments from the first day of the semester. Sponsors wishing to pay the fees by instalments must apply to the Finance Manager before the semester begins.

Relevant Contact

Dr Samuel Muiruri Muriithi
Head of Department, Commerce
Dr Evans Amata
Dean, School of Business & Economics
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admission Enquiries