WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$246 /year
Applications Begin:10 January, 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Laws
Start Date:September 2020
Academic Unit:School of Law
Campus:Legon Campus
Application Deadline: 30 June 2020
Programme Overview

Law basically describes the systems, methods and rules employed to administer justice, foster mutual relations and facilitate development in society. Law as a discipline equips individuals with the requisite skills to think critically and apply the appropriate rules and regulations for the benefit of society.

Law as a subject has numerous branches covering every conceivable facet of human life. The basic aspects include Contract Law, Legal Systems and Method, Criminal Law, Law of Torts and Constitutional Law. Other aspects include Immovable Property Law, Commercial Law, Public International Law, Company Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. In recent years, the area has expanded to include Oil and Gas Law, Gender and the Law, International Human Rights Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Future areas which promise interesting and interdisciplinary research include Cyber Law, AntiMoney Laundering and Patent Law. Students trained in law serve as lawyers, law lecturers, legislative drafters, law reporters, solicitors, research assistants and fellows, external board members of organizations and judges.

• To provide the education, training and knowledge resources for the preparation of the legal minds and professionals of tomorrow.
• To develop talented individuals with fully developed theoretical and practical knowledge of the law as well as excellent leadership capabilities to provide quality service to all, in all spheres of endeavour and in all circumstances.
• To contribute to the realization of the University’s mission by creating a congenial environment in which scholarship, innovation, intellectual excellence and world class legal minds are developed to meet national global challenges



Courses available in Level 300 are compulsory for all students

FLAW 301 Ghana Legal System 3
FLAW 302 Legal Method 3
FLAW 303 Law of Contract I 3
FLAW 304 Law of Contract II 3
FLAW 305 Constitutional Law I (Constitutional Theory) 3
FLAW 306 Constitutional Law II (Constitution of Ghana) 3
FLAW 307 Torts I (Intentional Tort) 3
FLAW 308 Torts II (Negligence & Defamation) 3
FLAW 311 Immovable Property I (Customary Land Law) 3
FLAW 312 Immovable Property II 3
FLAW 313 Criminal Law I (General Principles) 3
FLAW 314 Criminal Law II (Specific Offences) 3
Elective Courses (Also available in Year II)
FLAW 321 Public International Law I 3
FLAW 322 Public International Law II 3
FLAW 423 Comparative Law I (Legal Traditions) 3
FLAW 424 Comparative Law II (Comparative Constitutional Law) 3
FLAW 401 Jurisprudence I 3
FLAW 402 Jurisprudence II 3
FLAW 433 Equity 3
FLAW 434 Law of Succession 3
FLAW 400 Long Essay 6
FLAW 405 International Trade and Investment Law I 3
FLAW 406 International Trade and Investment Law II 3
FLAW 425 Administrative Law 3
FLAW 437 Natural Resource Law I 3
FLAW 438 Natural Resource Law II 3
FLAW 441 Intellectual Property Law I 3
FLAW 442 Intellectual Property Law II 3
FLAW 443 Conflict of Laws I (General Part) 3
FLAW 444 Conflict of Laws II 3
FLAW 445 Commercial Law I (Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase) 3
FLAW 446 Commercial Law II (Agency and Banking) 3
FLAW 447 International Human Rights Law I 3
FLAW 448 International Human Rights Law II (Special Topics) 3
FLAW 451 Gender and the Law I 3
FLAW 452 Gender and the Law II (Selected Topics) 3
FLAW 453 Environmental Law I 3
FLAW 454 Environmental Law II 3
FLAW 455 Company Law I 3
FLAW 456 Company Law II 3
FLAW 457 Taxation Law I 3
FLAW 458 Taxation Law II 3
FLAW 461 Family Law I 3
FLAW 462 Family Law II 3
FLAW 463 International Humanitarian Law I 3
FLAW 464 International Humanitarian Law II 3
FLAW 465 Criminology I 3
FLAW 466 Criminology II 3
Admission Requirements

For Ghanaian Students:

Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies
Electives: Credit passes in any three elective subjects

For International Students:

West Africa WASSCE:

Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics& Social Science subject.
Electives: Credit passes in any Three (3) Elective subjects

American High School:

American High School Grade 12
An applicant for admission to a degree programme in the University of Ghana must have and a Final Grade Point of at least 3.0

GCE (Cambridge) – ‘A’ Levels:

Any Three (3) ‘A’ Level subjects

International Baccalaureate:

  • Applicants must have at least Grade 6 in any Three (3) HL subjects.
  • In addition, they must have at least Grade 4 in English Language/Literature (SL) and Mathematics (SL).
Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian students: $34
Application Fees for International students: $105

University of Ghana online application E-VOUCHERS can be obtained by Ghanaian applicants for GH¢200.00 at the following banks: Ecobank, Republic Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Zenith Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank. Ghanaian applicants in the following categories are expected to apply using the E-VOUCHER:

WASSSCE/SSSCE Applicants and Ghanaians with Foreign Background
WASSCE/SSSCE applicants and Ghanaians who apply with foreign qualifications from schools which write the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the IGCSE such as Alpha Beta, Faith Montessori International School, Ghana International School, New Nation International School, SOS – Hermann GMEINER International College and Tema International School etc., should do the following:

At any of the Banks listed above, applicants will be required to indicate their names, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the bank voucher before they are served. Those without e-mail addresses will however not be disadvantaged. A confirmation of their Pin will be sent to their mobile phones. After purchasing the e-voucher, applicants should CAREFULLY follow the instructions given. After the application has been submitted on-line, the e-voucher should be kept in a safe place as it may be required by applicants when accessing their admission status at a later date.

After buying the e-voucher, Diploma/HND to Degree applicants are expected to scan and attach the following documents to their online application forms:

Diploma/HND transcripts
Where applicable, certified copies of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level certificates/result slips
The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/results slips should be scanned into one PDF or WORD document and attached to the application form.

International applicants and Ghanaians applying from abroad should NOT buy the e-voucher. They should use the following this link to access the online application form for completion and submission.

Online Application for International & Ghanaians Abroad Undergraduate applicants

All applicants are expected to pay to the University a non-refundable application processing fee of US$110.00.This fee can be paid directly or wire transferred into the University of Ghana ECOBANK Account.

Details of the Account are:

Account Name: University of Ghana Foreign Students Fees
Account Number: 2441000716652
Bank Details: Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch

or International Transfer through Ecobank (2441000716652 or 1441000716647

or Payment with Credit Card on the GT payment platform.

The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/ results slips should be scanned into one PDF or Word document and attached to the application form.

Note that no application will be processed without proof of payment of the fee.

Career Opportunities

University of Ghana’s LL.B holders serve effectively as professional lawyers upon completion of Ghana Law School. Besides, they could be Legal Research Assistants, or pursue a Master of Laws Programme in preparation for Academia. LL.B holders could also serve as Librarians in law schools. Furthermore, graduates could serve as Solicitors or Company Secretaries and offer Business Advisory Service to companies. They could also become Legislative Drafters in Parliament, work in the Judiciary and related public institutions.

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian students: $246
Tuition Fees for International students: $4,287


Edward Kofi Quashigah
LLB (Ghana) LLM PhD (Nigeria)

Henrietta J.A.N. Mensa-Bonsu
LLB (Ghana) LLM (Yale)

Relevant Contact

Dr Edward Kofi Quashigah
Dean of the Faculty
School of Law
For Admission inquiries