WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$3,322 /year
Applications Begin:January 2021
Final Award:Masters of Arts in Human Rights Conflict and Peace Studies
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Social Science Education
Campus:Winneba Campus
Application Deadline: July 2021
Programme Overview

The M. A. programme in Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies are aimed at:
– Providing students with competencies to function more effectively as in the field of Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies;
– Providing students with the needed skills needed for leading peacebuilding initiatives and the practical application of those skills in the context of the world-wide dynamics;
– Updating the capacities of peace experts, human rights educators and conflict resolution workers;
– Providing students with the understanding and skills that are required for success in the field of Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies;
– Providing students with in-service learning and/or practical learning experience in working with multi-ethnic and multicultural challenges in any required environment as shall be needed;
– Preparing students to undertake advance studies in the field of Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies at the MPhil and doctoral levels.

– Unless otherwise stated in the regulations governing postgraduate programmes in the University as approved by the Academic/Graduate Board, the M.A. programme in Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies shall last for a minimum of two (2) consecutive semesters on Sandwich bases. Each semester shall last for 8 weeks during the University’s long vacation period.
– Candidates may be granted a year’s extension of programme, as stipulated in the regulations of the Graduate School, as and when the need arises.
– A candidate whose studentship is due to lapse shall be warned in writing at least one semester before the expiration of the studentship.

Admission Requirements
Entry Requirement:
The following are eligible to apply for admission as candidates for the Post-Graduate Diploma, Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy in Human Rights and Peace Studies programmes:
– Graduates with a good first degree in any social science discipline from a recognized institution.
– Persons who hold relevant professional qualifications approved by the Academic Board.
– Members of recognized professional institutions like the Police Service; Prisons Service; Ghana Education Service; Immigration Service; Ports and Harbour; Armed Forces; Health Services and the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies who have ten or more years working experience
– Candidates meeting the requirements stipulated in regulations (1) to (3) must also meet other conditions or requirements as may be prescribed by the Graduate Board.
– Notwithstanding regulations (1) to (3) above, a candidate may be required as a condition for admission to undergo such assessments or take such other pre-requisite or concurrent studies and examinations as may be prescribed by the Department, subject to overall control of the Graduate Board.
Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian Students: $43
Application Fees for International Students: $100

Applicants Should Follow the Guidelines below:
In all cases, the following documents should be attached to the completed online application forms:
– Copies of certificates
– Copies of Transcripts of academic record
– One recent passport-size photograph
– Three referees’ reports. (To be submitted directly by referees to) The Dean, School of Graduate Studies = UEWP.O. BOx 25WINNEBA

Applicants should note that:
-No application will be processed unless all requirements are fully met
– Any change of address must be communicated at once to the Dean, School of Graduate Studies
– A change of programme after submission of application forms will NOT be allowed
– ALL certificates and results slips other than those from the West African Examinations Council, the Universities in Ghana and Institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board, should be cleared with the Accreditation Board and the evaluation report attached to the certificate(s)
– All applications must be submitted online at

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian Students: $3,322
Tuition Fees for International Students: $4,504

Tuition Fees per year for Ghanaian Students = 19,131GHS

The Tuition Fees for International Students, is divided into FOUR main categories:
Tuition Fees per year for West African Countries = 23,133GHS (West African Countries include; Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo)
Tuition Fees per year for Other African Countries = 25,937GHS
Tuition Fees per year for Carribean countries = 28,746GHS
Tuition Fees per year for All Other Foreign Countries = 31,549GHS

NOTE: Included in the fees of Final Year Students are;
– Congregation fee of GHS350.00
– Alumni dues GHS10.00

Relevant Contact

Prof. Frederick K. Sarfo
Principal, College of Technology Education
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
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