WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$0 /year
Applications Begin:June 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies
Start Date:September 2020
Academic Unit:Faculty of Arts
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: 30 September 2020
Programme Overview

Exams Regulations

1.   Except as hereunder specified, common university examination regulations shall apply.

2.   There shall be University examinations at the end of each semester.  All course units shall be examined and written examinations processed at the end of the semester in which they are taken.

3.   A candidate shall NOT be permitted to sit an examination unless he/she has attended prescribed courses of study in accordance with University regulations and to the satisfaction of the departments or programmes concerned, as well as the Faculty.

4.   Unless otherwise specified, end of semester examinations shall consist of a two-hour paper for each course unit taken in the semester.

5.   Assessment of each candidate’s performance in the course unit taken shall be through Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and end of semester examinations based on percentage grades.  CAT assessment(s) shall constitute 30% of the total marks in a given unit and shall consist of an average of at least 2 assignments while end of semester examinations shall constitute 70% of the unit examined.  Every department shall set procedures for CAT(s) assessments.

6.   Each course unit shall be graded out of an examination of 100 marks, and the pass mark shall be 40% for each unit.  These marks shall be translated into letter grades as follows:-

70% – 100%            =   A

60% – 69%              =   B

50% – 59%              =   C

40% – 49%              =   D

Below 40%             =   E

7.   i)      An external examiner shall be invited at least once in each academic year to moderate all end of semester examinations.  Between the visits of the external examiner, each department shall appoint with the approval of the Dean one or more qualified person(s) at the level of Senior Lecturer and above to internally moderate end of semester examinations in order to facilitate the convening of the Faculty Board of Examiners and the subsequent issuance of provisional results to candidates.  The appointment of internal moderators shall be subject to approval by the University.

ii)     Provisional examination results shall be made available to students upon request following the Faculty Board of Examiners meeting at which those results are approved.  The requesting candidate shall be issued with a provisional Result Slip indicating letter grades for each course unit examined.

8.   A candidate who fails any end-of-semester examination paper at the First attempt shall be allowed one more attempt to sit and pass that paper when it is next offered.  A candidate who fails a paper may, in consultation with the department and with approval by the faculty, substitute that course unit as long as it is not a core unit with another of the same level from the same department. This regulation shall apply in Levels III & IV.

9.   Subject to regulation 30 above,

i)      A Level I student who has up to but NOT MORE THAN SIX failed grades shall not be allowed to proceed to Level II unless he/she has passed the failed units.  However, if the failed units happen to be prerequisites for other advanced courses, the candidate must first pass them before he/she can be allowed to register in the advanced units that require the prerequisites.  Similarly, a Level II student who has up to but NOT MORE THAN SIX failed grades shall not be allowed to proceed to the next level unless he/she has passed the failed units.  When re sat, a failed unit shall carry a maximum of 40% of the total marks and coursework marks shall not be considered.  When retaken, a unit shall carry a maximum of 100% of the total marks and course work shall be considered.

ii)     No student with failed grade(s) shall be allowed to proceed to the next level unless he/she has successfully taken and passed the re sits/retakes.

iii)    A candidate who has up to 3 failed units shall be required to re sit with an option of retaking the failed units (register, attend lectures, submit coursework and sit final examination again when next offered.)

iv)    A candidate who has between 4 and 6 failed units shall retake them without option of re sits.

v)     A candidate who has 7 or more failed units shall be discontinued.

vi)    In all retakes or re sits, marks obtained in the more recent examination(s) shall prevail; and transcripts shall identify all course units with marks obtained after a re sit or retake.


BA Programme will run for a minimum of 8 semesters and maximum of 22 semesters from the date of registration
The minimum semester load shall be two course units and the maximum shall be seven course units. Each course unit in the programme has a loading of 45 hours.

Admission Requirements

1. A candidate must satisfy the prescribed University of Nairobi requirements.

2. Subject to regulation 1 above, a candidate for admission to the Faculty of Arts (hereinafter referred to as “the Faculty”) must have any of the following as minimum qualifications:

i)      KCSE. with a C+ or equivalent

ii)     KCSE. with a C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

iii)    KCE./EACE Div. III/ Ordinary GCE or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

iv)    KACE. or EAACE./Advanced GCE Certificate with one principal pass Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

v)     KACE. or EAACE. certificate with two principal passes or equivalent.

vi)    International Baccalaureate Diploma

vii)   A degree from a recognized University or equivalent.

3.     The Faculty board shall obtain a list of recognized institutions from either the Kenya National Examinations Council or Commission for Higher Education.

4.     A Diploma course shall be required to have covered at least 3 course units of 45 contact hours each over a minimum period of 2 semesters of 15 weeks or 270 contact hours

5. A candidate shall be allowed to register only in those course units and their combinations approved by the Faculty.  Any modification of such combination(s) shall be allowed only after obtaining approval of the Faculty, provided such modification is done within the first two weeks of the semester.

A candidate must also satisfy requirements of the department(s) in which he/she wishes to register. Continuing students must register for course units within the first two weeks of the semester.

Application Process
Application Fees for Kenyan Students: $0
Application Fees for International Students: $0

How to Apply:
Applicants should visit = to apply Online

University of Nairobi has three intakes in an Academic year. Main intake being in September/October for all the courses and December/January for Bachelor of Education(Arts), Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Travel and Tourism April/May for Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education(Arts), Bachelor of Education Early Childhood, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics ,Bachelor of Economics and Statistics ,Bachelor of Journalism and media Studies, Bachelor of Art Broadcast Production, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Travel and Tourism, Bachelor of Arts Broadcast Production and all Diploma and Certificate courses.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for this programme include:
– Cartographer
– Climate Change Analyst
– Climatologist
– Emergency Management Specialist
– Geomorphologist
– Geospatial analyst
– GIS specialist
– Hydrologist
– Location analyst
– Meteorologist
– Pollution Analyst
– Remote Sensing Analyst
– Soil Conservationist
– Surveyor
– Town planner
– Water conservation officer

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Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students: $0
Tuition Fees for International Students: $0

Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students =
Tuition Fees for International Students =
**This programme will be completed after a duration of 4 years, with fees per year as follows:
– First year =
– Second year =
– Third year =
– Fourth year =


International Students pay 20% more than the Kenyan Students.

Relevant Contact

Prof. Ephraim Wahome
Dean Faculty of Arts
Admissions Office
Admission Enquiries