WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$246 /year
Applications Begin:10 January, 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Arts in English
Start Date:September 2020
Academic Unit:School of Performing Arts
Campus:Legon campus
Application Deadline: 30 June 2020
Programme Overview

It is not enough to speak and write English. Understanding the nuances of the English language and perfecting its grammar, pronunciation and other key elements of the language has become even more crucial in a globalised world controlled by the Western world and its media.

English is by far one of the most popular languages in the world, spoken by hundreds of millions of people in the continents around the world and used in international quarters for diplomatic, trade and business transactions, sports and entertainment. With the increasing hegemony of the US, and the UK, speaking and writing good English has become a great avenue to accumulate wealth.

This programme ignites a great passion and love for writing and reading in prospective students, preparing them for exciting and rewarding career opportunities in script writing, editing, journalism, law, public service, international diplomacy etc.

The world needs competent people with superior command over the English language to take up key positions of power and wealth. Be it media, education, law, writing, movies and general entertainment, civil and public service; understanding and speaking English has become a necessity.
This programme prepares you for that exciting world, arming you with the key requirements in writing, imagination, critical thinking and practical reasoning.

Students are assessed through a combination of assignments, examinations and projects.

At the end of this programme, students must;
• Develop a great passion for reading and writing.
• Show greater understanding of global issues.
• Be proficient in speaking and writing the English language.
• Broaden their scope of knowledge on a wide range of issues.


LEVEL 100 (First Year)

First Semester  
ENGL111 Foundation English 1 (Listening and Speaking Skills)           3
ENGL113 Foundation English 3 (Practice Drills in Listening and Speaking)           3
Second Semester
ENGL112 Foundation English 2 (Reading Skills)           3
ENGL114 Foundation English 4 (Writing Skills)           3
LEVEL 200:  The courses available at Level 100 are compulsory for all students offering English.
ENGL 211 Introduction to the English Language I           3
ENGL 212 Introduction to the English Language II           3
ENGL 213 Survey of English Literature I           3
ENGL 214 Survey of English Literature II           3
Level 300 Core Courses [To be taken by all Level 300 students offering English as a Major. English minors are also required to take the core courses]
ENGL 341 Grammar           2
ENGL 342 Semantics           2
ENGL 343 Practice in Criticism           2
ENGL 344 Introduction to African Literature           2
ENGL 356 Shakespeare and his Age           2
ENGL 369 Phonetics and Phonology           2
Elective Courses for the Language Option
First Semester
ENGL 345 English as a Second Language           3
ENGL 347 Discourse Analysis           3
ENGL 367 Advanced Expository Writing           3
Second Semester
ENGL 346 Varieties and Functions of English           3
ENGL 348 The English Language in Communication           3
ENGL 368 The Development of English Prose Style           3
ENGL 372  Advanced Practice in Oral Communication           3
  Elective Courses for the Literature Option
First Semester Level 300  
ENGL 349 Special Topic           3
ENGL 351 The Evolution of English Poetry           3
ENGL 353 History, Theory & Practice of Literary Criticism           3
ENGL 355 The Early Novel           3
ENGL 361 Children’s Literature           3
ENGL 363 Introduction to Creative Writing           3
ENGL 365 Literature & Gender           3
ENGL 373 Literature of the African Diaspora           3
ENGL 375 Literature, Film and Society           3
ENGL 377 Critical Issues in African Literature           3
ENGL 379 Seminal Works in African Thought           3
 Second Semester
ENGL 352 Introduction to Oral Literature           3
ENGL 354 Criticism and the Arts           3
ENGL 358 Modern Drama           3
ENGL 364 Creative Writing           3
ENGL 374 Modern Poetry           3
ENGL 376 Literature as Performance           3
ENGL 378 Early English Texts           3
ENGL 382 Landmarks of African-American Literature           3
ENGL 384 Drama           3
  Core Courses for Level 400
[To be taken by all Level 400 students offering English as a Major.
Minor students also have to do the core cores]
First Semester
ENGL 441 English in Ghana           2
ENGL 443 Ghanaian Literature           2
ENGL 475 Modern Literary Theory           2
Second Semester  
ENGL 442 Contemporary English Usage           2
ENGL 444 The Romantic Movement in English Literature           2
ENGL 474 Advanced Practice In Criticism           2
  Level 400 Elective Courses for the Language Option
First Semester
ENGL 445 Introduction to Stylistics           2
ENGL 447 Advanced Expository Writing           2
ENGL 474 The Language of Religion           2
Second  Semester  
ENGL 446 Pragmatics           3
ENGL 448 Business Writing           3
Level 400 Elective Courses for the Literature Option
First Semester
ENGL 451 Poetry           3
ENGL 453 Introduction to Film & TV           3
ENGL 455 The Short Story           3
ENGL 457 Nineteenth Century Fiction           3
ENGL 459  Renaissance Drama           3
ENGL 463 Satire and the Enlightenment           3
ENGL 465 Studies in Popular Literature           3
ENGL 467 English Literature from Milton to Blake           3
ENGL 469 Studies in African Prose           3
ENGL 471 Studies in African Drama           3
ENGL 473 Studies in African Poetry           3
Second Semester
ENGL 452 The New Literatures in English           3
ENGL 454 Special Author           3
ENGL 458 Life Story           3
ENGL 462 Twentieth Century Fiction           3
ENGL 464 Caribbean Literature           3
ENGL 466 Masterpieces of World Literature           3
ENGL 468 Masterpieces of American Literature           3
ENGL 472 Masterpieces of African Literature           3
ENGL 476 Literature in Translation           3
ENGL 478 English Literature from Wordsworth to Hardy           3
Year- Long
ENGL 440 Long Essay [Two-Semesters]           3
ENGL 450 Advanced Creative Writing [Two Semesters]           3
Admission Requirements

For Ghanaian Students:

In determining eligibility for admission to Level 100 programmes, applicants’ aggregate score in the three core and three elective subjects as indicated below shall not exceed 24.

• Core Mathematics, English and Social Studies
• Three Electives.

The programme is open to applicants interested in the Performing Arts with aggregate 12 or better. They will be expected to attend an audition or interview.

For International Students:
West Africa WASSCE:

Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics &a Social Science subject.

Electives: Credit passes in any Three (3) Elective subjects

The programme is open to applicants interested in the Performing Arts with aggregate 24 or better. They will be expected to attend an audition or interview.

American High School:

American High School Grade 12
An applicant for admission to a degree programme in the University of Ghana must have and a Final Grade Point of at least 3.0

Cambridge ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels:
GCE (Cambridge) – ‘A’ Levels

Entry requirements:

Passes in any Three (3) ‘A’ Level subjects

Applicants must have the following subjects to qualify to read the under listed courses:

Economics, Mathematics or Statistics – ‘A’ Level Mathematics
Computer Science – ‘A’ Level Mathematics
French – ‘A’ Level French
English – ‘A’ Level English Literature
Geography – ‘A’ Level Geography

International Baccalaureate:

  • Applicants must have at least Grade 4 in any Three (3) HL subjects
  • In addition, they must have at least Grade 4 in English Language/Literature (SL) and Mathematics (SL).
Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian students: $34
Application Fees for International students: $105

University of Ghana online application E-VOUCHERS can be obtained by Ghanaian applicants for GH¢200.00 at the following banks: Ecobank, Republic Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Zenith Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank. Ghanaian applicants in the following categories are expected to apply using the E-VOUCHER:

WASSSCE/SSSCE Applicants and Ghanaians with Foreign Background
WASSCE/SSSCE applicants and Ghanaians who apply with foreign qualifications from schools which write the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the IGCSE such as Alpha Beta, Faith Montessori International School, Ghana International School, New Nation International School, SOS – Hermann GMEINER International College and Tema International School etc., should do the following:

At any of the Banks listed above, applicants will be required to indicate their names, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the bank voucher before they are served. Those without e-mail addresses will however not be disadvantaged. A confirmation of their Pin will be sent to their mobile phones. After purchasing the e-voucher, applicants should CAREFULLY follow the instructions given. After the application has been submitted on-line, the e-voucher should be kept in a safe place as it may be required by applicants when accessing their admission status at a later date.

After buying the e-voucher, Diploma/HND to Degree applicants are expected to scan and attach the following documents to their online application forms:

Diploma/HND transcripts
Where applicable, certified copies of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level certificates/result slips
The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/results slips should be scanned into one PDF or WORD document and attached to the application form.

International applicants and Ghanaians applying from abroad should NOT buy the e-voucher. They should use the following this link to access the online application form for completion and submission.

Online Application for International & Ghanaians Abroad Undergraduate applicants

All applicants are expected to pay to the University a non-refundable application processing fee of US$110.00.This fee can be paid directly or wire transferred into the University of Ghana ECOBANK Account.

Details of the Account are:

Account Name: University of Ghana Foreign Students Fees
Account Number: 2441000716652
Bank Details: Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch

or International Transfer through Ecobank (2441000716652 or 1441000716647

or Payment with Credit Card on the GT payment platform.

The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/ results slips should be scanned into one PDF or Word document and attached to the application form.

Note that no application will be processed without proof of payment of the fee.

Career Opportunities

UG’s B.A degree in English opens the door to a wide variety of careers. Many graduates have gone into teaching and translating. A lot more have also embarked upon successful careers in business and commerce, industry, the civil service and the media. The expected skills gained with the study of modern languages – cultural awareness, communication, and accuracy and planning and logical analysis – are highly valued by employers from all sectors of the economy

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian students: $246
Tuition Fees for International students: $4,502


Jemima A. Anderson(Dr.), BEd (Ibadan), M.A. (Indiana), MPhil, PhD. (Ghana)
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

Mawuli Adjei(Dr.), B.A. (Ghana), M.A. (Birmingham), MPhil, PhD. (Ghana)
Senior Lecturer

Victoria Osei-Bonsu, B.A., MPhil (Ghana), Ph.D (Basel)

Albert Ayitey Sackey (Prof.), B.A., (Ghana), M.A. (Keele), M.A., MPhil, PhD. (New York)

Aloysius Richard Denkabe (Mr.), B.A. (Ghana), M.A. (Cantab.)
Senior Lecturer

Anthony Bucklock Kofi Dadzie (Prof.), B.A. (Ghana), PGCE (London), M.A. (Leeds)
Associate Professor

Augustina E. Dzregah (PhD)
Senior Lecturer

Augustine N. Mensah(Prof.), B.A. (Ghana), MPhil. (Leeds), PhD (Iowa)
Associate Professor

Elizabeth Orfson-Offei (PhD)
Dr. Elizabeth Orfson-Offei (PhD.), Lecturer

George Kodie Frimpong(Mr.), B.A., MPhil, Ph.D (Ghana)

Gladys Narko-Ansah(Dr.), B.A., MPhil (Ghana), MRes (Brighton), PhD (Lancaster)
Senior Lecturer

Helen Atawube Yitah(Prof), B.A., MPhil (Ghana), PhD. (South Carolina, Columbia)
Associate Professor

John Franklin Wiredu. B.A. (Ghana), MPhil, PhD. (Ibadan)
Associate Professor

Kofi Anyidoho(Prof.), B.A., (Ghana), M.A. (Indiana), PhD

Kwaku O. A. Osei-Tutu, B.A., MPhil. (Ghana), Ph.D (Purdue)

Kwame Osei-Poku , B.A., MPhil. Ph.D (Ghana)

Mary P. A. Keleve(Ms.), B.A. (Ghana), M.A. (Reading)
Senior Lecturer

Mr. Edmund Ankomah
Assistant Lecturer

Prince Kwame Adika(Dr.), B.A. (Ghana), M.A., PhD (Illinois State)

Relevant Contact

Jemima A. Anderson
Head of Department
General Office
Responsible for admission inquiries