WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$645 /year
Applications Begin:June 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance
Start Date:October 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Economics and Management Science
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: September 2021
Programme Overview

Programme Objectives
The programme aims at achieving the following goals:
a)To form a flexible course that is responsive to dynamic and rapidly changing world of work and the society;
b)To provide higher economics and finance skills, knowledge and behaviors that are vital to learners, employers and the community at large;
c)To entice self-realization, team work, problem solving and decision making skills that enable graduates to perform efficiently and aspire for higher level training;
d)To build capacity to participate in the implementation of National Economic Policy and its accompanying Operational Guidelines; and
e)To transmit and promote moral, legal and ethical conduct among economists and other related workers within the economic and finance profession.

The Bsc. E F, NTA level 7 offered by the Institute of Finance Management is a three-years programme that enables graduates to become competent managers in the field of economics and finance.
At the end of the programme the prospective graduates will be competent to:
(i) Apply principles of management, research techniques and entrepreneurship skills in different business environment
(ii) Apply principles of marketing, legal concepts in communicating issues related to socio-economic development
(iii) Apply accounting and finance techniques in analyzing viable investment on a given capital market and economic situation
(iv) Apply basic and intermediate micro and macro economics theories, trade and investment concepts in analyzing economic problem in given socio economic environment
(v) Apply information communication technological (ICT) skills and knowledge in economic analysis and forecast
(vi) Apply natural resources principles and theories on making managerial decisions for socio-economic development realization


First Semester:
– Business Mathematics
– Commercial Law
– Communication Skills
– Development Studies
– Microeconomics
– Principles of Accounting

Second Semester:
– Introduction to Finance
– Business Statistics
– Introduction to Computers Applications
– Macroeconomics
– Introduction to Financial Accounting
– Principles of Management
– Practical Fieldwork Report

First Semester:
– Introduction to Finance
– Business Statistics
– Introduction to Computers Applications
– Macroeconomics
– Introduction to Financial Accounting
– Principles of Management
– Practical Fieldwork Report

Second Semester:
– Intermediate Macroeconomics
– International Trade and Investment
– Entrepreneurship
– Research Methodology
– Microfinance Theory and Practices
– Practical Fieldwork Report

Elective Modules
– Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
– Agricultural Economics

First Semester:
– Investment and Portfolio Analysis
– International Finance
– Financial Markets and Institutions
– Monetary Economics
– Economic Policy, Planning and Programming

One Elective Module
– Corporate Governance
– Labor Economics

Second Semester:
– Project Management
– Game Theory
– Applied Econometrics
– Public Finance
– Real Estate Finance

One Elective Module
– Strategic Management
– Industrial Economics

Admission Requirements

Direct Entry:
A good Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with two Principal Passes with total points not below 4.5.

Equivalent qualification:
NTA Level 6 (Ordinary Diploma) with at least B grade in relevant modules or equivalent qualifications in the related field.

Application Process
Application Fees for Tanzanian Students: $4
Application Fees for International Students: $4

Applicants wishing to have themselves enrolled in the Institute of Finance Management Tanzania, should take note of the following:
1. All applications and recommendations must be submitted via an online application system.
2. Each applicant is responsible for ensuring his/her application is complete and correct.
3. No online application will be successful if a non-refundable fee has not been paid.

4. IFM will not consider any additional materials or changes once an application has been submitted. However an applicant can ask for amendment of online submitted materials after announcement has been made and new round of online application has been allowed.
5. The completed application becomes the confidential property of IFM and is not returnable
6. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all the information and accompanying material provided in connection with their application is authentic and accurate
7. The Institute may at any time require applicants to provide satisfactory verification of the information and documents submitted as part of the application. If an applicant is unable to do so, the Institute reserves the right to cease consideration of the application, to withdraw any offer of admission already made, and/or to terminate one’s status as a student
8. Applicants assume all costs for authenticating and verifying documents and information associated with their application
9. All applicants previously admitted but did not register in the admitted year, are required to re-submit a new completed online application
10. Once an application is submitted, the Institute reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant, including, but not limited to, an interview

11. All applicants who have been invited for an interview must fulfil the request in order to complete the application process
12. Communication for admission will be done to applicants who meet the admission requirements.
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance include:
– Economist
– Financial risk analyst
– Data analyst
– Financial planner
– Accountant
– Economic researcher
– Financial consultant
– Investment analyst

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Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students: $645
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,792

Tuition Fee per year for Tanzanian Students = 1,500,000 TZS
Tuition Fee per year for International Students = 4,165,560 TZS

The Institute of Finance Management (IFM) has made arrangement for instalment payment to ease the financial burden on its students. If one is unable to pay the amounts above at once, he or she can do it in two instalments:
**First Instalment = 60 percent
**Second Instalment = 40 percent

Relevant Contact

Grace K. Kazoba
Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management Science
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries