WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$4,456 /year
Part-time Study:18 Months
Applications Begin:April 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Commerce Honours (BCom Honours))
Start Date:February 2022
Academic Unit:Faculty of Commerce
Campus:Middle Campus
Application Deadline: 31 October 2021
Programme Overview

The honours programme aims to prepare candidates to participate as highly competent professionals in the financial sector of the economy.

To this purpose, the programme is comprised of a range of modules which include studies in economic principles of finance, analysis and interpretation of financial statements, application of economic modelling and econometrics in financial economics, equity valuation, futures and derivatives, fixed income securities, investment decision theory and securities legislation.

The structure is such that the graduate should be able to analyse financial situations at an executive level; to utilise advanced quantitative methods to make financial decisions based on financial forecasts, and to interact between different disciplines to form financial strategies.


ECO4105Z/ECO4125Z Economics
ECO4104Z/ECO4124Z Applied Economic Modelling and Econometrics
ECO4109Z/ECO4129Z Accounting for Portfolio Managers
ECO4108Z/ECO4128Z Futures, Options, Derivatives
ECO4102Z/ECO4122Z Investment Decision Theory and Applications
ECO4103Z/ECO4123Z Fixed Income Security Analysis
ECO4101Z/ECO4121Z Corporate Finance and Equity Valuation
ECO4100Z/ECO4120Z Security Legislation
ECO4106Z/ECO4126F Long Essay

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
A minimum requirement to be considered for admission is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with an average of at least 60% in the major subjects. Students must have completed at least a first-year semester (18 credits) course in each of statistics (STA1000 or equivalent) and mathematics (MAM1010 or equivalent) with a final grade of 60% for each course. Applicants who have completed more advanced courses in mathematics or statistics may be exempted from this requirement at the discretion of the convenor. Applicants who do not meet these entry requirements may be considered for admission at the discretion of the convenor. In all such cases, applicants will need to demonstrate appropriate numerical ability.

Applicants who do not meet these entry requirements may be considered for admission at the discretion of the convenor. In all such cases, applicants will need to demonstrate appropriate numerical ability

Application Process
Application Fees for South African & SADC Students: $6
Application Fees for International Students: $18

How to apply

Postgraduate applications are only possible online and must be submitted at

If you need help in completing your application, or advice about your choice of programme, contact:
Tel: (021) 650-2128 or email:
The Admissions Office is located on Level 4, Masingene Building, Middle
Campus, and will where necessary refer you to a faculty office or department for more details information or advice.

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities are;
– Management Consultant.
– Data Analyst.
– Financial Manager.
– Economist.
– Business Analyst, IT.
– Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
– Operations Manager.

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Tuition Fees for South African & SADC Students: $4,456
Tuition Fees for International Students: $5,729

Please note that fees and payment requirements differ for local and international students. A further distinction is made between international students from the SADC region, international students from elsewhere in Africa, and international students from outside Africa. The following information does not apply to students registering at the Graduate School of Business (GSB).

Students must pay the Course Fees for the selected courses, plus an International Admin Service Fee of R4, 000 plus the International Term Fee where applicable
– International Admin Service Fee – R4000
– International Term Fee from outside Africa- R49900
– International Term Fee Non-SADC – R37263
– South Africa and SADC Application fee – R100
– Outside of SADC region – R300

Relevant Contact

Dr Godfrey Ndlovu
Programme Convener
Yasmina Charles
Postgraduate Administrative Officer