WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$636 /year
Applications Begin:August 2021
Final Award:Diploma in Disaster Management
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: September 2021
Programme Overview

There is a global increase in the frequency and severity of disasters. The forms and nature of disasters are also continually changing. The aftermath effects and impacts have gone beyond the acceptable threshold.

Disasters have caused massive destruction of properties, deaths of people and animals and disruption of economies. It is now clear that in order to enhance sustainable development, knowledge about disasters as well as how to manage them is important.

Training in Disaster Management for proactive management of disasters and risk reduction interventions.

Kenya, Africa and other parts of the world have been hit by disasters of various types. The Diploma in Disaster Management will be useful in working with communities to develop sustainable capacities to respond to, mitigate, prevent and effectively cope with disasters


Duration and Loading
The Diploma in Disaster Management shall be covered in two (2) academic years or four (4) semesters and each semester has got 15 weeks. Students are also required to undergo a minimum of six-week field attachment by the end of their third semester.

Student will be required to go for attachment for eight weeks after which they will write a report and will be supervised by a member of teaching staff. This will be graded 100%. To fulfil requirements for graduation, candidates must successfully complete 90 credit factors (C.F’s).

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Candidates have obtained a mean score of C (Plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and its equivalence. Admission may be granted to holders of Certificate in Disaster Management or related studies from Chuka University or any other institution recognized by Chuka University. Candidates who hold any degree are eligible for the Diploma in Disaster Management.

Application Process
Application Fees for Kenyan Students: $18
Application Fees for International Students: $18

Application Guidelines
Applications should be on official forms available at the University Main Campus at Chuka, Igembe Campus at Ntuene or Keigoi High School, Embu Campus in Embu Town, Chogoria Campus at Nturiri High School, Tharaka Campus at Gatunga High School, OR Website:; A Non-refundable fee of KES 3000 for Phd programmes, KES 2,000 for degree and diploma programmes and KES 1000 for certificate courses will equally be deposited.

The following documents should be made available:
– Originals & a copy of all Transcripts, Diplomas or Certificates (All originals, where necessary, will be returned)
– One recent passport size photograph (write your name on reverse side)
– Copy of the National Identity Card or Birth Certificate

– Preferred Campus should be indicated on the application form
– Certified copies of certificates and original fee payment receipt MUST be attached to the application form and returned latest two weeks prior to the commencement dates given for the programmes

Career Opportunities

Expected Learning Outcomes
By the end of this programme, the learner should be able to:
– State the nature of various disasters and how they impact communities.
– Respond to, mitigate, prevent, and increase the coping ability of households and communities to be resilient in the context of disaster.
– Apply theoretical and conceptual approaches to disaster management.
– Carry out independent research in disaster management.
– Understand the synergy between emergency development interventions’
– Prepare students to have the core knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership in responding to the multifaceted demands of sustainable development in emergencies and in normal development tasks and activities.
– Develop skills and techniques that are valuable and relevant to respond and aid policy makers, donors and agencies in designing and implementing better and more effective disaster risk reduction programmes

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Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students: $636
Tuition Fees for International Students: $795

Tuition fee per year for Kenyan Students = KES. 70,000
Tuition fee per year for International Students = KES 87,500
– The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.
– The University policy obliges students to pay the full amount of fees as required on the first day of reporting before they are registered.

Relevant Contact

Dr. Geoffrey Gathungu
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies
General School Office
For General Enquiries
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