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Tuition Fees:$1,738 /year
Applications Begin:January 2021
Final Award:Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology
Start Date:January 2022
Academic Unit:School of Human and Social Sciences
Campus:Nairobi Campus
Application Deadline: November 2021
Programme Overview

The MA in Counseling Psychology is a two year, 48 credit hour programme, designed to equip Christian professional counselors who will be well grounded in Christian spirituality (theology), psychological principles, and African cultural perspectives.

Counseling psychology programme requires more than sincere intentions and humanitarian concern. It will try to understand and adequately address the human psycho-social-spiritual needs and issues. It will do this by incorporating integration on a number of levels of psychology, Christian and African worldviews; ethical and multi-cultural concerns through the use of all-round trained Christian counselor-lecturers.

Training will enable students handle clients become whole persons: spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically; enabling them to grow personally and professionally as they critically look at their spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical life.

The Objectives for the M.A. in Counseling Psychology are:
– To prepare students academically and professionally to counsel effectively and ethically
– To provide advanced training in experimental design and data analysis so that students may conduct research in psychology
– To equip students to be knowledgeable consumers of research literature
– To provide opportunities for advanced study and practice in counseling methods with clinical populations of interest to the student
– To promote students’ ability to integrate psychology with Christianity and with multi-cultural issues
– To develop students’ ability to think critically about human problems and solutions
– To instill in students a desire for life-long learning through continued study and through informal academic/professional pursuits
– To prepare women and men to assume leadership roles, especially in Africa, with the aim of reducing human suffering and promoting psychological well-being
– To improve students’ ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing to professionals and to lay persons about psychological matters
– To integrate throughout the course content, discussion, and practical experiences relevant to psychological knowledge, Christian principles and African perspectives


Required courses for MA in Counseling Psychology:
– Special topics Psychology (2 credit hours)
– Personality Theories (2 credit hours)
– Theories of Counseling (2 credit hours)
– Addictions and Interventions (3 credit hours)
– Counseling Fundamentals and Micro-skills (3 credit hours)
– Family Systems and Marital Therapy (2 credit hours)
– Group Processes (2 credit hours)
– Psychopathology (3 credit hours)
– Neuropsychology
– Psychological Assessment 1(Career and Intelligence Assessment) 2 credit hours
– Psychological Assessment 11 (Personality and Psychopathology Assessment, report writing and Treatment planning) 2 credit hours
– Professional Issues and Ethics (2 credit hours)
– Integration of Psychology, Christian (Biblical) and African Worldviews (2 credit hours)
– Practicum and Seminars (6 credit hours)

Admission Requirements

All candidates wishing to enter the M.A. in Counseling Psychology programme must meet the entry requirements of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies of Daystar University. They must have completed a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 on a 4.00 scale or lower second-class honors or its equivalent with substantial experience after graduation of not less than three years.

While an undergraduate major in Psychology is not required, it is strongly required that a student whose background is not psychology should do some courses in the undergraduate psychology especially human growth and development.

Application Process
Application Fees for Kenyan Students: $18
Application Fees for International Students: $18

Daystar admission forms are collected from either Athi-River campus or the Nairobi campus. On completion, the form is handed back to the registrar office with a fee of KSh. 2,000 which is not refundable. Deadlines for the application are; 30th November, 30th April and 31st July for January, May and August intakes respectively. Other required documents are:
– Two recent passport size photos for Kenyan student and four for international students all having names at the back
– Secondary, post-secondary, university or college certificates.
– Financial Information Sheet (Foreign students need to include a financial letter from sponsor guaranteeing payment)
– Completed student information sheet and copy of your passport (For foreign students only).

Career Opportunities

The Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology can be useful in the following fields:
– School psychology.
– Vocational counseling.
– Substance abuse counseling.
– Child development.
– Adult and geriatric counseling.
– Forensic psychology.
– Sport psychology.
– Anger management

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Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students: $1,738
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,793

*Tuition fees per year for Kenyan Students = 187,920KES
*Tuition fees per year for Foreign Students= 193,920KES

International Students pay an additional 6000KES (Day students), 8000KES (Boarding Students) of orientation fees to the normal tuition fees.

All fees for each semester are payable in advance or before the date of registration by bankers cheque or direct bank deposit. The University does not accept cash payments or money orders. In order to assist sponsors who cannot raise full fees, the University allows payment of tuition and hostel fees in four equal monthly instalments from the first day of the semester. Sponsors wishing to pay the fees by instalments must apply to the Finance Manager before the semester begins.

Relevant Contact

Dr Susan Muriungi - Snr. Lecturer
Head of Department Counseling Psychology
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admission Enquiries