WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$1,454 /year
Applications Begin:January 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Forensics
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:School of Science, Engineering and Technology
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: May 2021
Programme Overview

The main goal of the programme is to provide students with an in-depth understanding and technical knowledge of how information security functions in an organisation and digital forensics tools. In the process of learning, students interact with IT forensics tools and get tested on real life situations. The programme is aimed at providing students with a combination of knowledge, hands-on experience, and application of theory to computer security. The program keeps pace with changing technology and related business practices by offering courses in areas such as systems analysis, Web applications,several programming languages, computer forensics, data warehouse, cloud computing, security laws and graphical user interface design. The curriculum emphasizes quantitative and communications skills as well as providing a foundation in technology security and business environments. The graduates are expected to qualify for employment as entry-level computer software applications engineers, computer and information systems managers, computer systems analysts, network systems professionals and computer systems software engineers, computer/IT security expert, data security, information security.

Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of the program, a graduate of computer security and forensics should have skills to perform the following tasks:

a)Safe utilization of all technological tools for society development.

b)Offer training, end user support and consultancy services on computer security & forensics.

c)Develop customized home grown computer security & data security solutions.

d)Manage the technological tools concerned the security issues.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirement
KCSE C+ (plus) with C (plain) in Mathematics; OR Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology or its equivalent with credit pass.


1. An official translation of academic records (where language of study is not English)
2. A current financial guarantee letter
3. A completed immigration pass form (2 forms enclosed)
4. Academic document equation fee
5. A copy of Passport

NOTE: If the certificate you obtained in your country is not mentioned above, please message the “Course Contacts” and they will be able to answer all your questions

Application Process
Application Fees for Kenyan Students: $9
Application Fees for International Students: $9

How to Apply
**DOWNLOAD & PRINT Application Forms OR OBTAIN Application Forms from the Office of the Registrar (Academic Affairs)
**Duly completed forms should be returned to any of the below offices with non-refundable fee as follows:
– Undergraduate – Kshs. 1,000
– Postgraduate – Kshs. 1,500

Official Kabarak University Bank Accounts / Accepted Payment Means:
– Standard Chartered Bank – 01040-943637-01 Nakuru;
– Trans National Bank – 0040503005 Nakuru;
– Kenya Commercial Bank – 1109663161 Nakuru;
– Equity Bank – 0310294445167 Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue.
– New students – M-PESA paybill /Business number 511480-  Enter your National ID Number as account number.
– Continuing students only – MPESA PayBill /Business number  983100 – Enter your Registration Number as Account number.  e.g CM/M/1234/01/17   NB. Confirm that all details are correct.
Select “Pay Bill” from M-pesa menu.
Enter Kabarak University business number 983100
Enter your Full Student Admission Number as account number e.g CM/M/1234/01/16.
Enter the amount you wish to pay.
Enter your M-pesa PIN
   Confirm that all details are correct
You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS. Paying your Fees with M-PESA (Continuing Students Only)

Paying through M-Pesa by Non Students

– Select “Pay Bill” from M-pesa menu.
– Enter Kabarak University business number 511480
– Enter your Name or ID Number as account number.
– Enter the amount you wish to pay.
– Enter your M-pesa PIN
– Confirm that all details are correct
– You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS.
No application is valid unless the appropriate application fee has been paid. Application forms can be accessed through an online application or downloaded.

The following documents should be attached to the application form:
– Copies of certificates and all transcripts
– Two (2)recent passport size photographs (write your name on reverse side)
– Copy of national ID/Passport or Birth Certificate

Additional Requirements for International Students:
– An official translation of academic records (where language of study is not English)
– A current financial guarantee letter
– A completed immigration pass form (2 forms enclosed)
– Academic document equation fee
– A copy of Passport

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for this programme include:
– Computer Forensics Investigator
– Computer Forensics Technician
– Information Security Analyst
– Information Systems Security Analyst
– Forensic Computer Analyst
– Security Consultant.

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Tuition Fees for Kenyan Students: $1,454
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,454

Tuition fees per year for Kenyan Students = KES 160,000
Tuition fees per year for International students = KES 160,000
– The University reserves the right to adjust fees from time to time.
– The Tuition fees does not include charges for other requirements such as medical examination, caution money, identity card, graduation etc

Relevant Contact

Dr Peter Githara Rugir
Dean, School of Science, Engineering and Technology
Admissions Office
For Admissions Enquiries