WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$1,291 /year
Applications Begin:April 2021
Final Award:Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Start Date:January 2022
Academic Unit:Faculty of Commerce
Campus:Breakwater Campus
Application Deadline: 31 October 2021
Programme Overview

In line with the research mission of “engaged inquiry in a complex world,” and in addition to the UCT requirement to make an original contribution to knowledge, the GSB expects PhD candidates to also address practical organisational or social challenges.

While the primary guidance to PhD candidates is provided by the PhD supervisor, fellow PhD candidates and other faculty provide a network of support and interaction.

In their first year of registration, PhD candidates are expected to actively participate in our PhD and Research Colloquia (PRCs). These are five compulsory workshops (between three and five days) distributed throughout the year, which constitute the compulsory Doctoral Research Design course


As the PhD is an independent research degree, students are expected to:
– Develop a formal research proposal, in the first six months of registration, which will be presented to GSB faculty and students and then submitted to the Commerce Faculty’s Higher Degrees Committee.
– Agree with their supervisor on, and regularly reconsider, a set of commitments and a timeline outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which needs to be signed every year.
– Keep their supervisor updated about progress within suitable, agreed timeframes.
– Take a proactive approach to identifying learning needs and implementing suitable responses.
– Actively participate in the GSB Research Calendar, especially in the first year of registration
– As appropriate, actively participate in the academic life of the GSB through lecturing, research seminars and / or co-supervision of MBA research reports.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Applicants need to have a recognised master’s degree (or in special circumstances, at the discretion of the Senate, an approved bachelor’s degree or a qualification recognised by the Senate as equivalent). They must demonstrate that they have the necessary competencies in research methodology and practice that are required for the completion of an independent study research degree.

Applicants will need to include a nomination of a suitable supervisor in their application. The nominated PhD supervisor must be a full-time academic at the GSB and must be actively publishing in the scholarly literature in the field in question. GSB faculty can discuss applicants’ research ideas and preliminary proposals at their discretion, but we advise applicants not to contact potential supervisors without some preliminary research ideas.

Application Process
Application Fees for South African & SADC Students: $99
Application Fees for International Students: $251

How to apply
The following should be provided
– CV
– Three motivation essays
– Certified copy of your degree certificate and academic transcript (not necessary for UCT qualifications)
– Certified copy of ID or passport
– Proof of payment of the non-refundable application fee
– Two reference letters from individuals who know you in a professional context; one needing to be an academic from your highest qualification
– International applicants whose first language is not English should provide either: -A score of at least 570 (paper-based); 230 (computer-based) or 88 (internet-based) on the TOEFL test. This must be obtained within 5 years before applying to UCT.

-Alternatively, a recent overall band score of 7.0 (with no individual element of the test scoring below 6.0) on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Please ONLY courier or hand-deliver hard copies of these documents (Certified copy of your degree certificate, academic transcript (not necessary for UCT qualifications) and certified copy of ID or passport) to GSB admissions at the Breakwater campus.

Note: Each certified copy of qualifications, transcripts, ID or passport must carry an original stamp from a Commissioner of Oaths. Documents which have previously been certified and then photocopied are not acceptable.

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities are;
– Procurement Officer.
– Office Administrator.
– Human Resources Manager.
– Sports Operations Manager.
– Advertising and Marketing Roles.
– Municipal Manager.
– Franchising Manager.
– Business Developer / Business Consultant.

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Tuition Fees for South African & SADC Students: $1,291
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,532

UCT GSB PhD fees for 2020 are R 21 410.
This is subject to an annual increase.
PhD students must register and pay fees every year or they will be automatically deregistered

Relevant Contact

Prof. Ralph Hamann
Research Director