WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$344 /year
Applications Begin:10 January, 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology and Conservation Science
Start Date:September 2020
Academic Unit:School of Biological Sciences
Campus:Legon campus
Application Deadline: 30 June 2020
Programme Overview

Animal Biology and Conservation Science is devoted to the scientific study and management of indigenous plants and animals. It is a multidisciplinary science with a primary goal of reducing the impact of environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity and climate change.

In this regard, experts in Animal Biology & Conservation Science conduct experimental studies with animals in controlled/natural environment; collect biological data and specimens for analysis and study the characteristics of animals Health, Fishery Biology, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management, Applied Entomology and Advanced Genetics.

The latter focuses largely on modern concepts of molecular biology and genetic engineering. Also, students admitted into the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science may combine with other courses for a degree in Animal Biology with such other courses. Notably, BSc Animal Biology with Biochemistry, BSc Animal and Plant Biology (combined major), BSc Animal Biology with Chemistry, and BSc Animal Biology with Psychology

expert understanding of animal biology and conservation, whether in charting the recovery of endangered populations, or in avoiding outbreaks of diseases such as avian flu. The importance of captive breeding and reintroduction implies that experts in animal biology also have an important part to play in the management of zoo animals as part of conservation programmes. This programme covers a field of study that is both scientifically rigorous and extremely relevant to today’s world.

The student of Animal Biology and Conservation Science will be so adequately equipped with knowledge, directed towards the complex interrelationships among humans, other animals, plants and the physical environment and how to reduce their negative anthropogenic impact.

Admission Requirements

For Ghanaian Students:

Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies
Electives: Credit passes in any three of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Elective Mathematics, with at least a C6 in Chemistry

For International Students:

West Africa WASSCE:

Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science &a Science subject.
Electives: Credit passes in Chemistry, and any two subject. At least one of which should be Biology, Further Mathematics or Physics.

American High School:

American High School Grade 12
An applicant for admission to a degree programme in the University of Ghana must have and a Final Grade Point of at least 3.0

Cambridge ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels:

Three (3)’A’ Level subjects comprising:
Chemistry and Biology, and either Mathematics or Physics.

International Baccalaureate:

At least Grade 4 in three (3) HL subjects comprising:
Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
In addition, they must have at least Grade 4 in English Language/Literature (SL), Mathematics (SL) and at least C the IGCSE or equivalent.

Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian students: $34
Application Fees for International students: $105

University of Ghana online application E-VOUCHERS can be obtained by Ghanaian applicants for GH¢200.00 at the following banks: Ecobank, Republic Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Zenith Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank. Ghanaian applicants in the following categories are expected to apply using the E-VOUCHER:

WASSSCE/SSSCE Applicants and Ghanaians with Foreign Background
WASSCE/SSSCE applicants and Ghanaians who apply with foreign qualifications from schools which write the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the IGCSE such as Alpha Beta, Faith Montessori International School, Ghana International School, New Nation International School, SOS – Hermann GMEINER International College and Tema International School etc., should do the following:

At any of the Banks listed above, applicants will be required to indicate their names, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the bank voucher before they are served. Those without e-mail addresses will however not be disadvantaged. A confirmation of their Pin will be sent to their mobile phones. After purchasing the e-voucher, applicants should CAREFULLY follow the instructions given. After the application has been submitted on-line, the e-voucher should be kept in a safe place as it may be required by applicants when accessing their admission status at a later date.

After buying the e-voucher, Diploma/HND to Degree applicants are expected to scan and attach the following documents to their online application forms:

Diploma/HND transcripts
Where applicable, certified copies of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level certificates/result slips
The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/results slips should be scanned into one PDF or WORD document and attached to the application form.

International applicants and Ghanaians applying from abroad should NOT buy the e-voucher. They should use the following this link to access the online application form for completion and submission.

Online Application for International & Ghanaians Abroad Undergraduate applicants

All applicants are expected to pay to the University a non-refundable application processing fee of US$110.00.This fee can be paid directly or wire transferred into the University of Ghana ECOBANK Account.

Details of the Account are:

Account Name: University of Ghana Foreign Students Fees
Account Number: 2441000716652
Bank Details: Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch

or International Transfer through Ecobank (2441000716652 or 1441000716647

or Payment with Credit Card on the GT payment platform.

The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/ results slips should be scanned into one PDF or Word document and attached to the application form.

Note that no application will be processed without proof of payment of the fee.

Career Opportunities

Students are trained professionals in health care, environmental sciences, natural resource management and basic ecology. Notably, Clinicians, University Lecturers, Agricultural Entomologists, Biomedical Researchers, Medical and Dental Officers, Veterinary Officers, Public Health Officers, Environmental Consultants, Conservation Biologists, Wildlife Managers, Teachers in Second Cycle Institutions and Scientific Officers. An Animal Biology and Conservation science degree also offers an excellent general university education and can provide a gateway to careers in management, journalism and the media, finance and other areas of commerce, law, computing and the leisure industry

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian students: $344
Tuition Fees for International students: $4,970


Langbong Bimi (BSc, MPhil, PhD (Ghana) )
Associate Professor

Ebenezer O. Owusu BSc (Agric) EMBA (Ghana) MSc (Kochi) PhD (Ehime)
Professor (Vice-Chancellor)

Erasmus H. Owusu (BSc (KNUST) PhD (Kent))
Associate Professor

Millicent A. Cobblah (BSc (Ghana) Post Graduate Diploma/MSc (Wales) PhD (Ghana)
Senior Lecturer (contract)

Francis Gbogbo BSc (Ghana) MSc (Strathclyde)PhD (KNUST)
Associate Professor |Head, Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science

Bethel Kwansa-Bentum (Bsc, MPhil (Ghana) PhD (Tokyo))

David D. Wilson (BSc (Ghana) MSc (LSU) PhD (Georgia))
Senior Lecturer (Part-time)

Fred Aboagye-Antwi (BSc, MPhil (Ghana) PhD (Keele))
Lecturer, fred,

Juliet Ewool (BSc, MPhil (Ghana))
Assistant Lecturer

Lars H. Holbech (MSc, PhD (Copenhagen))
Senior Lecturer

Maxwell K. Billah (BSc, MPhil, PhD (Ghana))
Senior Lecturer

Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu (BSc (Ghana) PhD (Edinburgh))
Professor (Contract)

Stephen Dadzie (MSc (Leningrad) PhD (Stirling))

R. Kyerematen; BSc,MPhil/MSc(Ghana), PhD(Norway)
Senior Lecturer/Coordinator ARPPIS

Godfred Futagbi
Senior Lecturer

Benjamin Yeboah Ofori
Lecturer and Coordinator of Postgraduate Biodiversity Program

Daniel K. Attuquayefio
Associate Professor;;

Isaac F. Aboagye
Senior Lecturer

Emmanuel Robert Blankson

Relevant Contact

Department of Animal Biology & Conservation Science
Responsible for admission inquiries
Francis Gbogbo
Head of Department