WPCS 2.1.2

core values


(These 4 principales guide out conduct and our priorities)

Students  first

AfriUni was created to solve student problems. We will begin by providing much better access to information about higher education study options across Africa. We also aim to bring transparency to Africa’s higher education sector.


Students and their families rely on us to make important decisions about what to study and where to study. We will try to the best of our ability to make sure the information we provide on our website is accurate and reliable

Pan-African Relevance

AfriUni was conceived to be a continental education platform. Students across Africa mostly face the same kind of problems. So we will progressively expand our education solutions to cover all the countries in Africa.

Education as Self Empowerment

A good education is the master key necessary to empower girls, the youth and the poor. So improving access to education will;

  • –Increase access to economic opportunity and help them control their own destinies.
  • –Help them acquire the skills necessary to be valuable in the labour market.