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add university to afriuni

Add Your University/ School/Institution to is a Pan-African Education Platform conceived by the African Universities Promotion initiative.

We help Vocational and Higher Education Institutions to boost the number of students seeking admission into their study programmes.

Add University Request

If you wish to list your university on this platform, please

fill the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Benefits of listing your university or Institution to

  • Get viewed by lots of prospective students from all across Africa.
  • Receive admission inquires from interested students straight into your email inbox.
  • Showcase your institution and study programmes to parents searching for good schools for their children.
  • You get a highly sophisticated university account and dashboard from where you can see or do all of the following;
    • See the name, location, age, sex course preferences and contact info of each of the students interested in your university or study programmes.
    • List you courses/study programmes on
    • See accurate reports about the number of views and popularity of each of your study programmes.
    • Advanced statistics about the geographic location (countries & cities) of the students visiting your university profile & study programmes on AfriUni.
    • Receive, view and manage reviews from your current and past students.
    • Realtime update about actions taken on your university profile and course pages by web visitors.
    • Upload photos and videos to show prospective students and their families what your school looks like.
    • See the list of students who are following you on AfriUni and also those who have added your study programmes to their favourites list.

Procedure for University Registration

Step 1: Fill in the form above to express your interest to join AfriUni.
Step 2: Once your request is received, AfriUni will review your details, get back in touch with you and then make sure you comply with our onboarding formalities.
Step 3: AfriUni will create a unique Username and Password and then send it across by email to the university's management.
Step 4: The university logs into its account on, fills in all the required information about its study programmes and then goes live immediately after.