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About Us

The Pan-African Vocational & Higher Education Platform

( Conceived by the African Universities Promotion Initiative )

We connect Education Seekers with Education Providers was founded in January 2019 with the aim of bringing transparency to tertiary education opportunities across Africa.
Tertiary education institutions include: universities, polytechnics, professional colleges, specialized institutes, vocational schools, training academies etc.

Here, students can easily find relevant information on education options available across Africa while vocational and higher education institutions can effectively showcase their education offerings to the right audience.

Our Mission

Empower students to discover and investigate the multitude of education options available across Africa.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s top education portal and help millions of students make informed education choices.

Our Ethos

Reliable information about education programmes and tertiary schools across Africa does not need to be scarce or difficult to access.

The Problem

Finding reliable information about study programmes offered at tertiary education institutions across Africa is very difficult.

Tertiary education institutions include ; universities, polytechnics, professional colleges, specialized institutes, vocational schools, training academies etc.

On the one hand — A lot of universities, polytechnics, and vocational schools in Africa have websites which are either unusable because they are very clunky or unhelpful because they lack relevant information about available study programmes.

Many tertiary education institutions in Africa do not have a website at all.

On the other hand — The majority of the population in Africa is less than 30 years old, and this youthful population has an overwhelming demand for tertiary education and information about it.

Smartphone usage and internet penetration across Africa has massively increased over the past 10 years and tertiary education aged students are the highest users of smartphones and mobile internet.

Here is a fun challenge for you to better understand the massive information gap for finding tertiary study programmes in African countries.

**Go on google and try finding relevant information about the study programmes offered at any any nigerian university of your choice, then tell us how that went.
Note: Nigeria has a population of 190 million inhabitants and 98 million internet users.

Our Solution resolves this information asymmetry by giving prospective students and their parents detailed information about study programmes offered at vocational and higher education institutions all across Africa.

AfriUni users can also find information about admission requirements, application procedures, tuition fees, application deadlines, course contents, programme start dates, application fees, school reviews, programme reviews and much more.

Education is a great engine of personal development.

It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor,

that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine,

that the child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation.

-Nelson Mandela (South African President, Activist and Writer)

Where We Work

AfriUni was conceived from the ground up to have a continental reach and eventually cover every African country.

We have started with the 12 countries in this photo and we will progressively cover the remaining 42 African countries.

AfriUni For Students

  • A one stop destination to find detailed information about study programmes offered at universities and vocational schools across Africa.
  • You can read and write reviews about schools and even contact them directly.
  • The study programmes are categorized by field of study like engineering, science, healthcare, technology, humanities, agriculture etc.

AfriUni For Institutions

  • Showcase your school and the study programmes you offer to lots of motivated students from countries across Africa and the rest of the world.
  • Accurately track the popularity of each of your study programmes in order to better tailor your education offering to student demands.
  • Get an advanced dashboard to upload your courses, manage student reviews and see detailed information about candidates interested in your study programmes.

AfriUni For Parents

  • Find study programmes and tertiary schools that match the professional aspirations of your children.
  • You can filter the study programmes by location, specialization, duration, level of study, mode of attendance, tuition fees amount etc.
  • Compare the tuition fees at several schools and decide which one is affordable for you.